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The Focus Point by Simon Morehead

Directed by: Simon Morehead
Produced by: 1937
DOP: Louis Brandt
Styled by: Karla Clarke
1st AD: Jessica Ameduri
Hair by: Pete Lennon @Company1
Makeup by: Isabella Schimid @Union Management
Fashion Assistant: Nichhia Wippell 
Edited by: Louis Brandt
Sound Post: Nathan Spenson
Colourist: Matt Campbell

Models: James Manley @ IMG, Samuel @ Chic, Ange @ Kult, Fergus @ Kult, Bernie @ IMG, Bet @ IMG

With special thanks to Rentacam

The young people of our time is a markedly different species to that of decades past. A generation whose unprecedented awareness has eclipsed any remnant of ignorant bliss; the might of youth’s influence weighing heavy on their shoulders. As much a fashion piece as a roman à clef about youth’s new mood, we showcase the resort wear of 2018 and the state-of-mind to match. An eerie, urban backdrop sees youths asserting their newfound power while grappling with its burden. -TF