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SIDE-NOTE is a biannual print magazine designed to live like a coffee table book. SIDE-NOTE champions fashion, design, travel, beauty and lots of exciting talent. SIDE-NOTE volumes release in March and September. SIDE-NOTE.COM will continue its editorial offering in quarterly issues throughout the year, each with a unique and engaging digital cover talent.

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VOLUME 1 PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 ISSN 2982-0006 Category:


A side note is often perceived as an afterthought, but we know it to be a crucial, revealing and personal element of a conversation. It’s something you share that’s relevant to the person you’re speaking with, something you express that enhances your connection, and something that is simultaneously reflective yet comes from being immersed in the moment. We are all connected by side notes.
In a relentless world, documented at the speed of light, this magazine is designed to live like a coffee table book that we hope our readers will return to over again because they find value in our curated pages. Trends are replaced with style, the aspirational becomes a guided journey, and relevance is defined by the enduring power of creativity and conversation.

In these pages, you will find Noelle Faulkner in conversation with Troye Sivan, the voice of our time; as well as photographer Rob Tennent and model Sabine Glud’s “Summer is a State of Mind”, which was the first story ideated for this book. Photographer Jess Ruby James and stylist Teanne Vickers pay tribute to Rei Kawakubo’s spring 1997 collection for Comme des Garçons in a visual study of the body, exploring how the addition or subtraction of clothing can manipulate its shape and form; and model Hannah Wick considers the strength and versatility of Sabato De Sarno’s Gucci wardrobe for the modern woman. We also take Virginie Viard’s Chanel spring/summer 2024 collection to the beach at night, and while it’s not the South of France, an evening by the sea feels like something Viard would do.

SIDE-NOTE is a biannual print product with volumes released in March and September. 

350 pages
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