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HOST: Maddison Brown

DIRECTOR: Gracie Otto

PRODUCERS: Gracie Otto, Craig Deecker

CAMERA 1: Gracie Otto

POST PRODUCTION: The Gingerbread Man

EDITOR: Walter Ratcliffe

SOUND DESIGN: Lawrence Horne

MUSIC: Heartbreaking by Kevin McLeod (INCOMPETECH.COM)

TITLE DESIGN: Stephanie Huxley

Maddison Brown is an Australian actress best known for her role as Kirby Anders in the CW soap ‘Dynasty’. Brown started acting at the age of five in the 2004 TV film ‘Go Big’. Upon finishing high school Brown decided to move by herself to the US at the age of 16 to pursue a modelling career. Soon after her move, Brown was booked to perform alongside Nicole Kidman in the 2015 film, Strangerland. Brown also appeared in the 2016 series, ‘The Kettering Incident’. Among other accomplishments Brown featured in Miu Miu’s FW15 campaign, appeared on the cover of VOGUE and has modelled for Calvin Klein.

As well as her talent in acting and modelling, Brown dedicates time to creative endeavours like script writing – a pathway she’ll pursue professionally in due course. With 18 years in the industry Brown yields a significant social media presence and has half a million followers on Instagram. Gracie Otto tracks Browns daily breakfast routine, sharing smoothies, an exhilarating car wash and chicken nuggets…