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HOST: Miv Watts 
DIRECTOR: Gracie Otto
PRODUCERS: Gracie Otto, Craig Deecker 
CAMERA 1: Gracie Otto 
CAMERA 2: Jess Carrera 
POST PRODUCTION: The Gingerbread Man 
EDITOR: Walter Ratcliffe
SOUND DESIGN: Lawrence Horne 
MUSIC: Heartbreaking by Kevin McLeod (INCOMPETECH.COM)
TITLE DESIGN: Stephanie Huxley

Miv Watts is a renowned interior designer, stylist and consultant. Miv Watts was born in the UK but spent parts of her childhood in Australia where she currently lives with her partner of 25 of years, Mike Gurney. Watts’ career began as a window dresser for Burberry, she then became a stylist, designing and dressing sets for television commercials and music clips. In the 1980s she moved to Australia and worked as a costume designer on the TV drama, “Return to Eden”. Now an esteemed author, Watts co-authored “The Maverick Soul” with photographer Hugh Stewart. Published in 2017, the book opens the door to ‘twenty five bohemian homes, occupied by some of the world’s most inspirational free spirits’. In addition to her illustrious career, Watts is also mum to actress, Naomi and photographer, Ben. Gracie explores Miv’s chook loving lifestyle in Australia’s Byron Bay.