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From Left to Right: Microsoft bottle | Micro vase, both by Functional Sculpture

A Future Now Passed by Anna Pogossova & Sophie Fletcher

PHOTOGRAPHER: Anna Pogossova @ B&A
SET STYLIST: Sophie Fletcher @ B&A
CERAMICS: Functional Sculpture 

An unlikely assortment of household consumables, vivid in colour and varied in form, bring sentiments of what is passed into a narrative of now.

“Those of us in the practice of still life are intrinsically linked to our predecessors in painting of the Dutch Golden Age. Whether to celebrate or to subvert, we often glance back to the past. There is an inherent intimacy and nostalgia in objects relating to the home, and I am really interested in how contemporary artists subvert that in their practice, as well as the conventional ways of making.” – Anna Pogossova

From Left to Right: Meltdown vase | Meltdown jug | I don't Miss the Feeling of Being In Love, all by Functional Sculpture

From Left to Right: Skye vase | Oribe Stoneware, both by Functional Sculpture

From Left to Right: Sun vase | Mist vase, both by Functional Scultpure 

Dribbly vase by Functional Sculpture