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BASSIKE shearling coat | cord pant | canvas sneakers

HOMECOMING – A project with Bassike by kidsofbill & Peter Van Alphen

FILM BY: kidsofbill
PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Peter Van Alphen 
PRODUCED BY: Emma Kalfus, Karla Clarke & Stephanie Huxley 
 Stephanie Huxley 
Emma Kalfus & Karla Clarke 
Rosie Tupper @ IMG
 Travis Balcke 
MAKEUP: Samantha P @ Viviens Creative 
WORDS: Tatiana Rattigan

With special thanks to Richard Huxley

The journey home is a curious one, full of questions and contrasts. Swinging from sun dappled nostalgia to the things we selectively forget, going home is a mixed emotion that is as comforting as it is loaded. Questions run through your mind like water as you try and preempt if you’re going to feel totally at home or a little out of place. Perfectly ordinary and inanimate objects manage to summon memories that flash through with a kind of abstract yet visceral poignancy. This is the place of first times and cushion-y familiarity; the matte white Datsun autographed with a new ding as it passed down from one 16 year old sibling to the next, the smooth soundtrack of Van Morrison played on repeat over a matter of decades and the kitchen door-come-mural marked with the height of every family member at sporadic interim’s of their life. Time, space and life makes home feel different because we are. Every time we come home we bring new experience, norms and opinions to colour the world we started out in. -TR

BASIKE cord top | cord pants

BASSIKE cord jacket | stripe pant