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Self Portraits by Claudia Smith

My name is Claudia, I’m an artist. I am defined by my experiences, environment and decisions. I would describe myself to a stranger as someone who is thinking. I would describe myself to someone I know as thoughtful. There is no difference in these two descriptions because we are not our thoughts. I value respect. I am chasing my ideas. I am inspired by history. I am challenged by ideas about how people see themselves, how I see myself. 

The place I identify most with is the ocean. A place I find inescapably alluring is the south island of New Zealand.

My approach to work has so far been to keep on creating. Maybe you create something that is mediocre, but something mediocre is better than nothing at all. Something beautiful is brewing and it could just be around the corner. I would like to change the way I document moments. I try and take the world in with eyes of appreciation and consideration.

I would like to know more about what dogs are thinking. I would like to meet Heath Ledger because he had a beautiful mind.

I am thankful for light and time and the way we are forever dancing with others. 

I love my own time and space.