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For over 10 years my mother has worked as a nurse in remote communities around Australia, and more than five of those years she has spent with her husband on the land of the Kunibídji people, Manayingkarírra (Maningrida). This gave me, on a few occasions, a rare insight into a part of our country that is so far removed from the existence that my family and I share in Sydney. I wanted in some small way to bridge that gap. 

Rather than delve into complex politics, of which so much has already been written, with these photographs I wanted to simply share my personal insight into this part of our country and the people who live there. Undeniably there is tragedy entwined with the history and everyday reality of the people living here, but there is also great pride and a connection to country which we in the capital cities would do well to learn from. – Stefan Wellsmore