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PHOTOGRAPHER: Hugh Stewart @ B&A Reps 

In August we went on a family road trip across the US.

We started in Los Angeles, backing out of the Cal Mar motel in Santa Monica for what was meant to be a drive to Palm Springs and back.

Our original plan was to then fly from LA across the country to New Orleans, then drive up to NY. But in the 120 degree heat, the thought of driving back to LA and dealing with flights went out the window. 

Palace Theater Marfa, Texas. 

Woman on her stoop in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

We swapped our mid sized rental for a blacked out Chevy Suburban, with three rows of seats and a boot the size of a dumpster.
We sat on 90 Mph across the country. 
From Melvyn’s Hotel in Palm Springs to Phoenix, to Marfa, down to the Mexican border, to Austin and then down to Galveston. Oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowing. Then it was on to Port Bolivar and up into New Orleans.
From there we travelled along the Mississippi to Clarksdale, to Memphis and Elvis and Martin Luther King and up to Nashville. Back down to Savannah for a swim in the Atlantic, then up through South and North Carolina to Washington, and finally on to NYC.

6000 kilometres.
15 states.
5 weeks.
18 different hotel rooms and Airbnb bookings.
1 incredible road trip.

– HS.

TOP: New Orleans Graveyard.

BOTTOM: Clarksdale main street, Mississippi.

Flynn jumping into Ben's pool in Montauk, NY.

Smithsonen Museum, Washington, DC.

LEFT: Lawn mower repair man listening to Rush Limbaugh, Hillsborough, North Carolina.
RIGHT: outside the bar in the Bywater District, New Orleans.

Gin Beach, Montauk, NY. 

Flynn on a hot afternoon in Red Hook, NY.

Outside Del Rio, Texas.

TOP: Street still life, Hudson, NY.

RIGHT: Flynn smoking a fry. Dinos Dive Bar, Nashville, Tennessee.

LEFT: Tybee Island, Georgia.

Fake Target, Marfa, Texas.

Matilda on Gin Beach, Montauk, NY.