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Emily wears Gucci pants & earrings

Prada sweater 

You Used To Call Me On My Shell Phone by Jake Terrey

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Jake Terrey @ The Artist Group 
STYLED BY: Karla Clarke 
MODEL: Emily Baker @ Priscillas  
HAIR BY: Madison Voloshin @ Viviens Creative
MAKE UP BY: Peter Beard @ The Artist Group 
PRODUCTION: Kristie Walden @ Viviens Creative
FASHION ASSISTANT: Annika Schweighoffer
ART DIRECTION: Stephanie Huxley
Tatiana Farley

What did it mean to live the Australian dream? One must not confuse a lack of clothing with a low key approach, summers in the late 80s, early 90s were anything but. Smoking and sugar were yet to be socially and morally outlawed so cigarettes and soft drinks reigned supreme. ‘More is more’ was having its moment as FM radio, the Minogue’s and Woman’s Day were the influencers of the era. Perilously snug Speedos and high cut bikinis in obnoxious brights and leopard print were the look du jour by pool, beach or sprinkler, a look made more gauche by kitsch outdoor furniture still decades shy of its minimalist makeover. Sun smarts took on a different meaning back then with the cloying coconut smell of Reef coating softer bodies angling for prime tanning position. Not to be outshone by greasy tobacco complexions metallic visors shielding full faces of powdery foundation brought a bit of bling factor to sun worship. Paying homage to a time less posed but certainly more preened, we give you “You Used to Call Me On My Shellphone”.


Matteau swimsuit | Lucy Folk sunglasses

Top Image: Matteau swimsuit | Lucy Folk sunglasses | Prada sweater

From top: Matteau swimsuit | Matteau swimsuit | Gucci earrings

Prada jacket | Lonely bikini briefs

Chanel dress

Illesteva sunglasses from My Chameleon | Max Mara jacket | Lonely bikini briefs | Chanel boots

Prada jacket & shoes

Prada sweater

Top image: Prada dress & shoes

From top: Hunza G swimsuit | Gucci earrings

Top image: Gucci pants & earrings | Left: Chanel dress | Right: Matteau swimsuit, Pared sunglasses & Gucci earrings

Top image: Hunza G swimsuit | Bottom image: Matteau swimsuit, Pared sunglasses, Gucci earrings