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Boots from Fabrique Vintage | Jeans from Levi's

RVHU – ‘WE’RE ON FIRE’ BY kidsofbill

Director & Editor: Harrison Friend & Samuel Stevenson 

Starring: Mamuch Konker & Matilda Brown

Dancers: Jade Quirici & Jordan Hill

Extras: Georgia Viner, Acky Mats & Sam Payne 

Producers: SIDE-NOTE, Harrison Friend & Samuel Stevenson

Cinematography: Harrison Friend

Costume Design: Emma Kalfus

Colour: Harrison Friend

Konker wears Jac and Jack t-shirt

Two young adults in search of freedom decide to flee a cult, setting in motion their eventual demise.

SIDE-NOTE presents, ‘We’re on Fire’ a film clip by kidsofbill, for Melbourne based contemporary RnB artist, RVHU.

“As the project got underway, the narrative naturally evolved into something more politically driven. Being of mixed-heritage myself, I wanted the cast to be culturally diverse, breaking down the status quo’s on Australian identity. I wanted to share my experience of being a coloured person in a predominantly white country. I want my voice to be heard as a representa- tion of the ‘Other’; someone who neither identifies as black or white, but as Australian. I want to bring something to the view- er’s attention: certain individuals like to emphasise the fact that I (or any other non-white person) am different. No one can tell me who I am or where I belong.”

-Jacob Louis Ogburn a.k.a RVHU