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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS – A Project with Sarah & Sebastian by Jake Terrey & Ed Triglone

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Jake Terrey @ The Artist Group
D.O.P & EDITOR: Ed Triglone @ The Kitchen 
ART DIRECTION: Stephanie Huxley 
STYLED BY: Karla Clarke 
TALENT: Atty @ Priscillas 

COLOURIST: Daniel Witchey 

SOUND MIX: Oliver Dibley

PRODUCED BY: Emma Kalfus & Karla Clarke / SIDE-NOTE

In collaboration with Australian jewellery brand Sarah & Sebastian, SIDE-NOTE presents, ‘Close Encounters’ a visual exploration of our varying ideas of near and far within the context of entrapment and freedom, destruction and protection.

Mirroring the intent of the brands’ most recent collection, SIRENS, ‘Close Encounters’ casts light on ghost nets – the discarded and abandoned fishing nets, left to trap and kill marine life.

Sarah & Sebastian neck piece

Sarah & Sebastian  necklace | Sarah & Sebastian rings and bangle Matteau top and bottoms

Matteau swimsuit, Sarah & Sebastian necklace and earrings

Sarah & Sebastian earrings, Matteau dress | Sarah & Sebastian necklace

Sarah & Sebastian earrings | Sarah & Sebastian rings and bangle

SIR dress

Sarah & Sebastian necklace, Matteau swimsuit | Sarah & Sebastian neck piece

Sarah & Sebastian necklace, Matteau swimsuit | Sarah & Sebastian necklace, Matteau dress 

Sarah & Sebastian necklace, SIR top