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My Children Will Know Love, by Tim Ashton

DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Huxley

In his most personal point of view, Photographer Tim Ashton captures the kind of intimacy that extends beyond two people, in a beautiful collection of pictures of his family.  Thank you Tim, Rachel, Luella and Daisy.

Intimacy is the most vulnerable place of trust and openness between two people. It gives so much meaning to life.

It’s not easy to come by but it’s what we all have within us to give away. It’s something that frightens us deeply but by nature we all need and crave it.

Being a father is an honour. So many things I used to be concerned about have disappeared from my world and life is finally simple. To love and to be loved.

There’s just something about being a dad that makes me love to be needed. When I see Luella run to me and dig her head into my chest I know she feels safe.

– Tim


Tim is very honest and always searches for the truth. 

He is interested in people, their emotions, their needs and desires and is very in tune with understanding how all of these relate. 

He is the least manipulative person I’ve ever met… he never uses knowledge or power to his benefit – which goes hand in hand with his honesty. 

He is committed in so many ways, to do his best with work, with his kids, in our relationship, in all areas of life. 

He is deep and spiritual and discerning but also makes me laugh and is plain ridiculous when he plays with our girls. 

He is strong, hands on and practical, keeps things under control in our home when the female emotion and energy is attempting to take us down a very bumpy road.

– Rachel 

I first met Rachel in a cafe.

She wore black high-wasted jeans and a tight black skivvy. She never had makeup on and she was so much more beautiful to me than anyone else.

I was really taken by her manner. She was so comfortable with herself and was never concerned with what other people thought.

I honestly thought to myself within days of meeting her she was so perfect and one day I’d marry her.

Rach is still very much the same girl as when I met her, but now with a lot more wisdom and experience to boot.

I’ve watched her walk through some very difficult things in life and is still as beautiful and hopeful as ever about life.

She has now become a mother of two gorgeous girls and the way she has taken that on is so impressive.

– Tim

My role is to protect my family, physically and emotionally.

I work really hard to protect my family in and around relationships. Choosing the right ones and staying away from the harmful ones.

What I let into my life I know in turn affects my girls and I want them to always have the very best of me. I can’t let outside relationships take away from that.

My children will know love as the thing that ties us all together, it’s in my care and interest in them, how I can’t stop hugging and kissing them, how I always find energy to play with them, or never stop telling them, those three little words.

Love to them is unconditional.

No matter what they do, I will love them.

– Tim